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Play as VooDoo Jack, a Witch Doctor lumberjack, who is trying to build a new town in a haunted forest.


  • Move - WASD
  • Attack - Arrow Keys
  • Click Menus - Mouse


  • Construct buildings that give you buffs as you fight off spirits.
  • Buildings need resources. Attack trees and rocks to get resources and bring them back to your construction site to get building.
  • The further into the forest you go, the more and more spirits you will have to fight. Balance the fight of the dead and the gathering of resources to build the best possible town.
  • There is no win state, only braking this unbalanced nightmare. Enjoy <3


You are VooDoo Jack, a Witch-Doctor lumberjack who is trying to create a new civilization inside of a haunted forest (a Witch-Doctor Lumberjack's dream locale). The only thing stopping you is the army of evil spirits that are agitated by your arrival. You'll have to create buildings to support your endeavors and take down the evil spirits in order to build the greatest town the land has ever seen!

Made By
Daimen Paquin-Nault 
Mitchell Wilkinson 


VooDooJack_Build.zip 89 MB


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